Harvey Police Station and Courthouse Parry and Rosenthal Architects

The concept for the new Police Station and Courthouse was for two distinct but attached buildings with separate entry statements for each function.

The civic nature of the buildings and rural context is highlighted by the use of natural building materials such as limestone block and timber. The design references the local vernacular of this region.

The larger building combines police operations and custodial facilities together and is designed to sit carefully within the existing streetscape context. The operational and public functions are located at the front of the building facing the road with the rest of the facilities located at the rear with access to the police vehicle parking compound.

The smaller building accommodates the courtroom and justice administrative functions. Given the civic importance of a courtroom and the large number of people that gather on scheduled court days, this building was positioned on the corner of Uduc Road and Young Street where it is afforded a larger forecourt space.

Temporary facilities were required to be procured to allow for continued operation of the Police Services during the construction of the new building.

This project was the recipient of a 2009 Master Builders Award for Excellence in Construction.