WAPOL Accommodation_Parry and Rosenthal Architects

The interior fit out for Western Australia Police provides a permanent new facility designed specifically to suit the unique occupation by Western Australia Police over three levels.

This includes the provision of new operations rooms, armoury, equipment rooms, custodial facilities and staff amenities that cater for current and forecasted growth numbers of operational staff within the building.

The new facility accommodates four different Divisions within the same building; Major Crime Division, Special Crime Division, Sex Crime Division and Crime Investigation Standards and Family Violence Division. Detailed briefing was undertaken with key representatives of each division during the design and documentation stages, ensuring that each area was designed to suit their specific requirements and function.

The construction works were carried out whilst Western Australia Police occupied parts of each level, adding to the complexity of the project. Careful planning with the client and management of works during construction was undertaken to ensure there was minimal disruption to occupants.

Materials and finishes in the public front of house areas were selected to reflect the gravitas of this important Police facility. Staff areas are bright and cheerful, and draw in ample natural light and openness into each workspace, providing professional work areas for Detectives.

This project is the recipient of a 2018 Master Builders Award for Excellence for Best Building Fit-out.