City Beach House Hero 01 Parry and Rosenthal Architects

This home was designed for a couple with adult children on a low-lying lot close to the ocean in City Beach. Garages, entry area and study are located on the south, street side with private living and outdoor areas to the north. There are views of the ocean from the upper levels on the north and south west corners of the site. The outdoor and indoor living areas are located to the north for both passive solar design and to shield these areas from the strong south west wind.

The main living, dining and lounge areas are on the lower level with access to pool, BBQ and garden. The upper level family lounge has access to a north facing terrace with ocean and pool views. The design is simple with practical hipped roofs, elegant balconies and quality finishes, creating a relaxed but sophisticated family environment with light, privacy, protection from the elements, good passive solar design and optimized views of the ocean.